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Upcoming webinar: Examining the UK's Regional Recovery - Belfast

For this new MIPIM webinar in our series examining how the UK’s regions are attracting investment and positioning themselves for the future, we are looking at the city of Belfast. The city has a long history of resilience, weathering social and economic upheaval with grit and determination. That experience has left it primed to face the current challenges of coronavirus and Brexit head on and it is building on its pre-COVID success and plotting a path for further growth and prosperity

Live on Thursday, January 14, 2021 at 2pm GMT

Gain insight on the industry with an exclusive white paper

This White Paper looks at the issues behind decarbonizing the built environment, by listening to the voices and approaches of key players across the industry and talking with an industry leader in sustainability about how they benchmark carbon emissions. Discover the role that the real estate industry has to play, given that buildings are among the world’s biggest emitters of carbon dioxide.

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Hot topics

A redesign of how we experience senior living


With a head office in Switzerland, The Embassies of Good Living is looking to be “globally at home” in 30 locations around by the world by 2030. 

Timber buildings go with the grain


The use of timber as a building material fits a more sustainable approach to real estate. It’s also a reflection of the hybrid times in which we’re living.

Best of the best – Futura Mega Projects – MIPIM Awards


Every week, MIPIMWorld Blog highlights one of the categories in this year’s MIPIM Awards. This week we focus on the best futura mega project.

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Propel by MIPIM Daily Talks: A series of webinars about innovation and creativity

The Propel by MIPIM Daily Talks are a webinar series gathering online the best of the built environment, based on sharing knowledge and exchanging about the evolution of the Real Estate industry, with key topics such as Data, Investment, Talent, User Experience and Sustainability.

The webinars are a key moment to hear from top executives and innovative thinkers, and ask your questions afterwards.

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The MIPIM Project Directory is a selection of projects showcased at MIPIM 2020.

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